Spaces filled with exuberance

We decorate and maintain homes, offices, hospital lobbies, hotel lobbies, and restaurant with flower arrangements.

The flow of Ikekomi and maintenance

Ikekomi Monday


Hanataku will be happy to decorate your home, shop, hospital or office. Our decorative flower
arrangements will bring the fascination of the changing
seasons to your daily life in Sapporo.

Maintenance Thursday


Maintenance is necessary to keep flowers fresh.
Older or damaged flowers are replaced so the arrangement always looks fresh and beautiful.

Having flower arrangements regularly maintained is especially recommended for bringing vigor and freshness to hospital waiting rooms and restaurants.

The beautification of office reception areas, maintaining areas to create a soothing climate in homes is our desire and our mission.
If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us about maintenance times, dates, or anything else.

How to Order

Prices are not listed on our website

Each and every flower arrangement, display, or other work is unique due to season, needs of the recipient, and venue.
We ask that you contact us for an estimate.

Considering location, maintenance schedules, desired flowers and other factors an estimated price will be given.

Processing of Orders

  1. Receive order by phone or E-mail
  2. Determine location, budget and any other wishes
  3. Visit the site to be decorated
  4. Give estimate
  5. Agree to contract
Contact Us for flower displays