Sending flowers

For celebrating a birth
As a token of thanks and appreciation
For mourning those who have left this life

We send flowers specials and bring tranquility to your soul

Sentiments for the occasion, as well as the flowers
themselves will be tangible

We are not only providing flowers but adding color to your life.

Flowers to resonate with you

There are no prefabricated flower forms to convey your
feelings for someone special.

We take pride in this.

Flower Gift

We don't have a set menu of flower arrangements.
We prepare flowers taking the feelings of the giver and the recipient into consideration.

Actual episodes that touched us

Obon / A bouquet with a flower vase

During Obon, a client returns to her parent's home. At that time, she wanted to bring some flowers to her family grave. We prepared flowers and a vase wrapped up securely so that as soon as she arrived she could display the flowers in that vase.

Flower Bouquet for Wife's Birthday

A husband in his second year of marriage wanted to celebrate his wife's birthday. For his wife's first birthday he had ordered a bouquet that was like a wedding bouquet. For her second birthday he ordered a bouquet that epitomized his wife's ecstatic beauty.

A Marriage Proposal -- A Bouquet of Red Roses

Order: "During my trip, I want to propose to my girlfriend." A delivery is made to the hotel where they are staying. The next stage of their life starts! Congratulations!


Please order by telephone or use the form below

Because fresh flowers must be purchased from markets,please order three days prior to your desired sending date.
If you need an arrangement urgently, please call us.

Call 011-666-1874

The order form

We deliver flower arrangements, bouquets, flower stands, Phalaenopsis (ornamental orchids), and plants to the Sapporo area.

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    If you need an arrangement urgently, please call us.
    Note: if you choose a bank transfer, please make a deposit at least a day before you want the flowers sent (except for Sat. Sun, and national holidays)
    For first time customers, flowers are sent after payment confirmation.
    Recipient Information

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    Delivery Fee

    Sapporo City 500 JPY Free in Nishi-ku
    Outside Sapporo 1,200 JPY ~ 5,000JPY
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