Hanataku philosophy

We are professionals who deliver enrichment to the
elemental events of our guest's lives through flowers.

Social contribution through flowers

Where there are flowers, people gather. Where there are people, people gather.
It is our wish to expand the concept of connecting people through flowers.
"TAKU" is an ancient Buddhist word for the wooden bells which were used to gather people.
"HANA" is the word for flower in Japanese. We aspire to use flowers to create an environment where people can come together.
Our shop name represents the desire to bring people together through flowers.

Artistry that is a not only brings joy but moves the heart.

A gift for someone special.
When giving a gift of flowers, conveying the feelings of the giver is of course, necessary,
but at Hanataku we also strive to amaze and touch the heart of the recipient.
This new way to appreciate flowers stems from a blend of art and culture.

The value of working together as a team

Through flora, we are able to rediscover and reinvent objects, people, and nature itself.
We use flora as a bridge that bonds nature, society, and culture.
Our work embodies the passion and love of a team that was generated from the individual effort and personal development of its members.

Tadamura Yuko

Tadamura Yuko

Owner and founder of Hanataku
He won the Fuji TV Flower Championship from 1994-1999.
In 1996, he started an instructional program for Fuji TV
In 2000, he started his own flower arrangement school "Hana-Ami Blumen Schule
In 2007 he captured the Inter-floral Art prize in Belgium.
Along with flower design he also contributed through the McDonald fund, En Project Japan to support efforts for child welfare and assistance in the Great East Japan Earthquake. He also participated in many events related to social action programs.
Recently, his efforts have been focused on working with artists from various fields outside of the flower dimension.
He has also put more energy into spatial design.

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Tadamura Kaori

Tadamura Kaori

After graduation from Kansai Gaidai University she entered the florist profession.
Studied under Mr. Stern Andreass who is the Space and Flower artist in Austria.
Started training in Germany, France, and Italy focusing on space utilization in floral technique
(over 1,000) Marketed and branded the company from a design angle
producing decoration for the brand. Worked with artists from a range of fields concentrating on spatial decoration

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